on the bar…

KALE SALAD manchego, sunflower seeds, golden raisins $4,50

GOAT CHEESE candied pecans & orange peel, pickled apple $3,00

PROSCUITTO mustard, olives, artichokes, banana peppers, onion, Habersham Honey $4,50

BRIE blueberry, spiced sunflower seeds, citrus dust $3,00

from the kitchen…

SOUP spanish style chowder $4,50

HUMMUS olives, warm homemade focaccia $7,50

WARM ROMAINE crispy salami, egg, arugula, onion, manchego, creamy anchovy dressing $10,50

LOADED FOCCACIA carne asada, salsa verde, fried capers, peppers, onions, manchego & ricotta $10,50

MORROCAN LAMB saffron rice, roasted peppers, chermoula orange vinegrette $16,50

BREAD PUDDING hot chocolate, green tea ice cream, coconut fudge $9,50