on the bar…

KALE SALAD manchego, sunflower seeds, golden raisins $4,50

PROSCUITTO brie, fig jam, marinated onions $3,00

HUMMUS olives, cucumber, feta, wheat $2,50

TARTE venison chorizo, drunken goat cheese, asparagus, caramelized onions $4,50

from the kitchen…

SOUP chicken and potato $4,50

HUMMUS olives, warm homemade focaccia $7,50

WARM SPINACH SALAD bacon mustard vin, manchego, boiled egg, onion, crouton $10,50

INDIAN WINGS curry tomato sauce, lentils, riata $10,50

ROASTED QUAIL manchego risotto, roasted carrots, tomato gravy $16,50

CREMA CATALONIA blueberry, raspberry $9,50