Tapas and small plate menu, no reservations needed.

SANGRIA  6,00/glass

on the bar…

BEET SALAD spinach, feta, radish, citrus vin $4,50

KALE SALAD manchego, sunflower seeds, golden raisins $4,50

FOCCACIA mushrooms, red sauce, cheese $3,00

OLIVES cucumber, goat cheese, roasted pepper $2,50

PROSCUITTO drunken goat cheese, fig jam $3,00

BELLAVINTANO espresso, fennel pollen salami $2,50

from the kitchen…

SOUP butternut squash, bacon, apple $4,50

HUMMUS olives, focaccia $7,50

SLIDER meatball, red sauce, mozzarella, sweet potato chips $7,50

SNAPPER blackened, salsa verde, warm quinoa with squash, kale, honey red wine gastrique $13,50

BREAD PUDDING brioche, dry fruit, manchego, bourbon apples, maple caramel, ice cream $9,50