Tapas and small plate menu, no reservations needed.

SANGRIA  6,00/glass


on the bar…


KALE SALAD manchego, sunflower seeds, golden raisins $4,50


TARTE chicken sausage, dijon, drunken goat cheese, tomato, arugula $4,50


OLIVES hummus, feta, cucumber, roasted peppers, rye $2,50


BRIE fig & dark berry jam, sunflower seeds, pickled apple $3,00


BEETS arugula, feta, cranberries, walnut vinaigrette $4,50


CURED CHORIZO aged cheddar, cranberry pistachio cracker $2,50


TRUFFLED SALAMI tomato, mozzarella, sourdough, pesto aioli* $3,00



from the kitchen…


SOUP 4th place chili $4,50


HUMMUS olives, focaccia $7,50


PORK BELLY soy, orange cream, cabbage, sesame, jus $9,50


WIENERSNITZEL pumpkin puree, spinach, almond brown butter jus $16,50


FRENCH TOAST brioche, ice cream, caramel apples, dried fruit gastrique $9,50